Name Our Dog Contest

Sam? Molly? Snuffleupagus?

Please help me find my identity! I’m calling all Barkyard devotees to help me find me a name. I may actually stop running and take a rest once I can be called by name!

How will I get a name?

It’s simple: Submit a name that you think best suits me. Remember, not only do I not have a name, I don’t even know my gender (thanks a lot, Barkyard Board Members) so anything is possible!

The chosen entry will win $400 cash*, and the opportunity to reveal the selected name at our upcoming fundraiser in February, as well as being featured on our website with your story of how you selected that name.

One Runner Up will receive a $100 gift certificate for Dash’s Market.*

The “small print”:

Entering is free of charge, and you may enter as many names as you’d like. The name will be selected by the Barkyard’s Board of Directors (so entering the same name more than once would be silly). If the winning name is suggested by multiple entrants, the first entry for that name will win. The winner will be notified late in February.

*All prizes donated by a Friend of the Barkyard.

Thank you, and good luck!

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