Spring Update


The muddy areas of the Barkyard have been fenced off, allowing use of the less muddy areas. In the upcoming weeks, we will be spreading ground cover to aid in absorbing excess water near the water fountain in the All Dog Area.


We Need your help!

We are seeking volunteers for our bi-annual park cleanup, scheduled for Sunday, May 17, at 10am.

At these cleanups, we spend a few hours removing overgrown weeds, sweeping the shelters, adding support to small trees if needed, cleaning up any dog waste that may have been overlooked during the winter, and other general repairs and maintenance. It’s typically a casual and social gathering, with donuts and coffee supplied by one of the volunteers (you’re welcome to bring other treats to share).

To volunteer, simply email us at volunteer@thebarkyard.org, leave a voicemail at (716) 218-0303, or send a message on our Facebook page.

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