Dog Park Rules

It is everyone’s responsibility to follow the rules posted at The Barkyard. For the safety of all dogs and dog-owners, there can be no exceptions.

We trust our fellow Western New Yorkers to obey these rules, and to recognize when appropriate action must be taken in order to maintain safety and order. This system has been proven in off-leash areas across North America—it will work here if we commit to it.

The Barkyard Rules

  1. Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated*, spayed or neutered, and wear a visible license tag
  2. Puppies must be at least four (4) months old
  3. Leash and unleash dogs within the double-gated Sally port
  4. All dogs must be off-leash inside park
  5. Dog handlers must carry a leash at all times
  6. Dog handlers must be in the fenced area and within unobstructed sight of their dog(s), which must be under visual or audible command
  7. Limit of three (3) dogs per adult handler
  8. Do not allow dogs to pester or mount other dogs
  9. Dogs displaying aggression toward people or other dogs must be removed from the park—dogs with a history of aggressive behavior are not permitted in the park
  10. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult—Children under 11 are not permitted within the park
  11. No food or glass containers inside the park
  12. No littering (clean up after your dog and yourself)
  13. No smoking

In an emergency, call 911 or your veterinarian.

*Rabies, distemper, and Parvo vaccinnations are required. Bortadella (kennel cough) and Leptospirosis vaccinnations are recommended.