Friends of the Barkyard

As you may know, the Barkyard is funded entirely by donations. In order to maintain and improve the Barkyard, your support is vital. In addition to donations of any denomination, we offer the following “Friends of the Barkyard” membership options:

  • $150+ — Leader of the Pack (choice of 3 items)

  • $100 — Lucky Dog (choice of 2 items)

  • $50 — Rescue Dog (choice of 1 item)

  • $25 — Pup (2 stickers)

Available items

  • Barkyard T-Shirt
  • Barkyard Embroidered Baseball Cap
  • Barkyard Tote Bag
  • Barkyard Stickers (5 pack)

All members will be thanked on our monthly newsletter, and have the choice of listing their name, or in honor/memory of a pet in the listing.

Thank you to our donors of $100 or more:

  • Audrey Mangan
  • Ginger Schröder
  • Kristin Richardson
  • David S. Imhof

Additional donation options are available.